But Before We Get That Far Along...



Only 1,625 miles on the bus during 2013. An increase of twenty miles over 2012!

There are all sorts of little adventures to relate in the course of those few miles.


This year's migration followed much the same route as that of last year. North from Tonopah over Vulture Pass, through Congress for one night at the SKP park and then on to Prescott for two nights at my reserved slip in Wally's Caravansary. Lunch and shopping and playing in the Granite Dells. Visiting friends and lunch and shopping. Next stopping and shopping spot was in Chino Valley—more of the same.


From there one of the side trips that made this migration different to last year. In Kingman was scheduled a meeting of several Old Antarctic Explorer friends to discuss the condition and fate of the Research Vessel Hero.


The R.V. Hero plied the waters of the Drake Passage between Punta Arenas and Palmer Station for many years following her launching on 28 March 1968. The Hero was built by Harvey F. Gamage Shipbuilder, Inc., of South Bristol, Maine. This meeting was to peruse the ship's logs, look at photos, and generally brainstorm ideas to get the ship out of the mud and perhaps restored to Museum Status.


Back on track to Flagstaff. Pizza and movie with Laura. Sunset Camp to meet Owen and pick up the trash and then Winslow to stand on the corner. In Show Low another side trip adventure. A Ham Fest Flea Market Yard Sale attracted my attention. In the car park adjacent to the town hall. A nice overnight among other radio people and a chance for more shopping.


Thence to Trish's Juniper Hill for a fortnight of moving rocks to build stone edges as landscape devices to separate the driveway from the juniper islands. Other parts of my days have been devoted to upgrading PhotoVoltaic Array on the bus's roof. Squeezing out a few more watts is one of those simple tasks that grows more complex at an exponential rate as one gets closer to completion. Complicated by the fine print which says "These Instructions are for Normal Installations; your results may vary". They certainly will.


"Seratu". That is as pronounced with an /e/ as in 'bet', an /a/ as in 'baa', and a /u/ as in, or rhymes with, 'boo'. With syllabetic emphasis on the /ra/. Se-'ra-tu. Made up the word my Self initially. Out of the air and the letters floating around. Then searching found a few supporting ideas. The phrase sera tu in French means "you will" in English and also means "it will be you" in Italian.

We are, even as I write this all of ei8ht months later, still getting acquainted. Seratu does not like to be picked up, she does not know that cats are supposed to bury their excrement, she wags her tail as a dog might.


Sara(h) La Gata conMigo Booger Mesquite La Rubia Frankencat Sinte Ikusheya Cat o' Mine Tales 11-11 TacoCat will be missed and Seratu will never take her place. In a few weeks I will be out to Quartzsite to park in the same place and look for her ghost.


One point two inches of rain in 45 minutes of the afternoon 27 July. That counts as Heavy Rain. R+! Worthy of note.