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Greetings Virtual Travellers:
I made a list of people within the First Degree of Separation  from me who have died over the years since I became aware. Not counting early on ancestors such as parents and grandparents, and not counting others whom I have yet to remember at this writing, sixteen people have died out of my first circle, from Steven Sloper, at about 13a Boy Scout in my group from the early 1960sto Susan Rice, my sister of ten years younger than me, and David Kirwan first son of my mother's kid-sister; my cousin, and latest, Marty Engstrom at 86, Transmitter Engineer at WMTW CH8.

1962  - 1992 - ? - 2002 - 2007 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2019 -  2023
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1962 - Steven Sloper, at about 13 in Billerica MAa Boy Scout in my group from the early 1960s.
Steve Sloper, Troop 2 Cambridge
Steve Sloper 1961
1992 - Rosemary Howard Turner, West Ossippe NH, author of Mascots of Mount Washington

???? - Eileen Loring, Massachusetts, friend, co-leader on 50-Miler.
Eileen Loring on 50-Miler
2002 - Casey Hodgdon, Gorham NH, friend, OO, OH

2007 - Manjula Cook, Franklin MA, formerly of Erode Tamil Nadu India, wife of my good friend Dick Cook.
Manjula Cook
2009 - Dave Goodwin, Salem NH, friend, hiker, traveller with me, ham radio operator N1CMD
Dave Goodwin
2009 - Matt Houseal, TeXas, friend, OAE, military, ER Doctor, killed in action.
Dr.Matt Houseal's Funeral
2010 - Roger Brown, Zephyrhills FL, cousin, friend, ham radio operator KA1IIP.  And his wife Joan Brown. Joan and Roger, both Browns in their own right, are both cousins in different branches of my tree.

2011 - Bobby Loring, Colorado, friend, co-leader on 1970 50-Miler.
Bobby Loring in 1970
2013 - Ted Everett, Concord NH, friend, ham radio operator W1ALE

2013 - Sara(h)  2001-2013: Sara(h) La Gata conMigo Booger Mesquite La Rubia Frankencat Sinte Ikusheya Cat o' Mine Tales 11-11 TacoCat. Her name was a storey in itself.

Sara(h) coming or going...
2014 - Mack Beal, Jackson NH, friend, mentor, ham radio operator, W1PNR

2014 - Gordon L (not to be confused with my brother Gordon S) Datil NM, friend, employer, survivalist. We built solar arrays together.

2014 - Richard P. Cook, Franklin MA, good friend, mentor, benefactor of Manjula's Children Charity.
Richard P. Cook
2014 - Theodore Brooks Oxton, 7 Jul 1945-19 Feb 2014 Lowell MA, brother.
Teddy Oxton
2014 - Glen Alan Oxton, 24 Dec 1947-28 Apr 2014 Lowell MA, brother.
Glen Alan Oxton
2015 - Susan Kathleen Rice (nee Oxton), Nashua NH, sister.
Susan Rice
2015 - David Kirwan, first son of my mother's kid-sister; my cousin. David on the right
2015 - Robert Loring, friend, co-leader on 1970 50-mile hike.
Bob Loring on 50-Miler
2019 - Gordon Scott Oxton, 25 Jan 1944 - 31 July 2019, brother.
Gordon Scott Oxton
c.a 2020 - Betty Gosselin - Gorham NH, Mount Washington Obs
Betty Gosselin
2023 - Dennis Ahern 1943-2023 Boyhood best special friend, fellow Scout, and family genealogist.

Dennis (left) ajo (right)
                      at campDennis Ahern as I
                      want to remember him.
     2023 - Nita Larronde - The Trail Angel of the Toaster House in Pie Town, New Mexico, a hiker hostel along the Continental Divide Trail, has gone away to be with the rest of the angels and we have to carry on without her. Every time one of my extended family passes away I am reminded of my own mortality and lack of preparedness for that eventuality. Rest in peace Nita and thank you for showing me the Way.
Nita at The Toaster HouseNita On The Beach
     Another of my hero-class and early mentor friends bites the dust. 
    Marty Engstrom, Transmitter Engineer for 38 years at WMTW Channel 8 in The Land of The World's Worst Weather, died Thursday 20230104 at his home in Fryeburg. He was 86 years old.
    Marty worked at the WMTW transmitter facility on Mount Washington in Gorham, New Hampshire. Known for his weather reports from Mount Washington, he delivered weather conditions with a grin in his thick Maine accent.
    I had dinner many times with Marty Engstrom and Donny Disconnect at the WMTW TV transmitter.  Marty got me started on the World's Worst Weather (...the original WWW?...) slide show circuit back in the BC days of Kodak Carousel 35mm Slide Projectors.
   Marty was a great cook and turned out many a fine Sunday evening dinner.
Marty Engstrom
Another Hero Blown Away: Guy Gosselin 1933-2024
Click on image for readable copy.
Guy's Conway Daily Sun Obit 24 March 12
The Harder It Is The Better We Like It

Be Well, Do Good, and Please Write.

Love, ajo

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