Do you always have to bundle up in a lot of clothes?
Not if I can help it... 
   OR ... SKYSUIT 

A penguinjection would be nice
To keep my blood becoming ice;
But then when I go home someday,
Unhappy I would be, if
I had to wear an airconditioned
Coat on a sunny summer day.
Up here 
I think I'd rather wear a hat!
And long underwear and sweater,
Overboots and overbritches,
Scarf and gloves, two pairs of 
Mittens and on my feet:
The more blue sox the better!
When I get home one day I'll
Just put on my skysuit; and 
In the woods I will go walking
And in the river I will play.

A lot of times I can run from one building to another in little more than a wool tunic and some stretch tights but if one has to work outside then one ends up looking like a little kid in a snowsuit and can work about as well too.
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