Resumé of Alfred J. Oxton, [2009 March]


On Again Off Again Sabbatical and Continuing Education: Since April 1998.

Jackson and Tull, Antenna Construction Facility, NM, Feb-Jul 2001: Refurbish, test, assemble, and package for shipping of 7m steerable antennae and up/down link RF equipment.

Computer Access--Motorola Iridium Project, February 1998-thru April 1998 Contract Consultant assisting with establishment of Customer Service Call In Helpdesk including ergonomic design of physical arrangements and programming/content of field service FAQ database.
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Sabbatical, On The Road--February 1997-February 1998

National Science Foundation, United States Antarctic Program

Palmer Station and McMurdo Station, National Science Foundation U.S. Antarctic Research Programme Communications Field Service Engineer/Communications Coordinator with Antarctic Support Associates April 1990 to February 1997 and Federal Electric Corporation, December 1987-ITT Antarctic Services March 1990: From December 1987 to January 1997 I worked at McMurdo Station and Palmer Station, wintering over at each more than once, as Comms Tech, LAN Manager, Comms Coördinator. Experienced in remote site power generation and site management, computer programming and repair, heavy equipment and snow tractor operation.

Mount Washington Observatory September 1969-November 1987: Communications Technician & Weather Observer involved with a wide variety of disciplines. Experienced in various areas of practical and scientific endeavour, electronic maintenance and computer communications including but not limited to: programming, oil furnace repair, Spryte driver, weather observations, rudimentary welding, carpentry, strain gauge measurement, chart recorder maintenance, data collection problem solving, field site management, pet maintanance, tour guide-leader, public education, search & rescue, cooking and cleaning up after.

Certified by National Weather Service as Weather Observer at Mount Washington, NH. and holder of current FCC First Class Radio Telephone License, NABR Certificate, Amateur Radio License; US passport valid, AZ driver's license.


Bulletin of the International String Figure Association, Vol.2, 20-26, 1995; Vol.5, 210-214,1998. RECENT EDUCATION

School for International Training (Brattleboro, VT) TESOL/ESL Certificate Course. Novel, LAN Manager; Internet Communications-WWWeb Design, UMN; EFData, Satellite Communications; Northern Power Systems, Wind Turbines; Compaq Computers, Field Maintanance; Harris-Farrinon, Quadralink Digital Microwave; Paradyne Acculink, Digital Multiplexer; Fryeburg Fair, Rake & Shovel Department.

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