- William Oxdon and Mary Newcomb-

1 William Oxdon and Mary Newcomb
William Oxdon is said to have been one of two brothers who came from England and settled in Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts about 1766.
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  • What's in a name?

    The name OXTON means "A place to keep oxen." A "ton" in this case is like a pound, as in dog pound.
    I have located several villages in Britian by the name OXTON. One is a wee bit east of Sherwood Forest and it once was within the bounds of Sherwood. Another is in Merseyside near Liverpool while a very small OXTON is near York. One I have not visited is near the border with Scotland.

    Another line of reason has it that OXTON derives from OAKS TOWN. There are several variations on both names: OXEN, OXDON, (interchange any O or E to A and you end up with an alphabet soup of surnames), OAKESTOWN, YOCKSTON, YOXEN...

    The SOUNDEX code for OXTON is O235 and is the same for several of the most common variations. Any name with the same Soundex is something worth knowing about.

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