1 William Oxdon and Mary Newcomb
        William Oxdon is said to have been one of two brothers
       who came from England and settled in Gloucester, Essex
       County Massachusetts about 1766. According to Coldham,+
       a William Oxen [sic] was sentenced for transporation to
       the colonies at the County of Middlesex, England, Quarter
       Sessions Court in February 1766 and transported to America
       on the ship Ann, Christopher Reed, Master, from London in
       April 1766.++
        The following information has been gleaned from documents
       at the Greater London Public Records Office:
              William Oxen, Middlesex, Transported
              - Sessions Book No. 1214
              General Session of the Peace of our Sovereign
             Lord the King holden for the County of
             Middlesex at Hick's Hall in St. John Street in
             the County aforesaid on Monday the Sevententh
             day of February in the Sixth Year of the reign
             of our Sovereign Lord George the Third King of
             Great Britain.
              General Session of the Peace, February 1766,
             James Waller Esq. Clerk of the Peace.
              - Calender of Indictments February Session
             1766 page 64
              Oxen William- 10 pt[or pl may stand for
             pleads] N.P.+ William Oxen Ind now (10)
             pelas pu so Jury &f [and found] Guilty. To
             be Transported.
          William Oxen was prisoner #60 on a list of 81 from the
       County of Middlesex who were transported in the Ann.
         Also on board the Ann were 32 persons convicted in London.
       Of the total of 113 convicts from Middlesex and London, 23
       where women. Later were boarded another 42 convicts from
       the home counties of which three were women and 3 from
       Surrey, 5 from Berkshire and 4 from Buckinghampshire.
        It is not known to which colony or plantation William Oxen
       was transported, but it is possible that he is the William
       Oxden or Oxdon who appears in Gloucester, Massachusetts a
       few years later.
   1.1 Possible Siblings of William Oxdon
        According to Eaton+, the two brothers who came from
       England were Henry and William. However, a John Oxden,
       whose son William was baptized 23 January 1780 at First
       Parish Church in Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts,
       may actually be the immigrant brother. This may mean that,
       in addition to the William Oxton, son of William Oxden
       and brother of Henry, there may have been a cousin named
       William, as well.

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